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LionHeart Handcrafted was first created in 2020 during the first lock down. What was first started as a way to pass time and put my energy towards something while we couldn't leave our house  quickly turned into so much more than that. While looking for supplies for my new endeavor, I realized how common harsh chemicals are in our everyday products and how easily overlooked they are by consumers. From there on out I was on a mission to create products with intention, no harsh chemicals, and educate our customers about the chemicals that are often found in candles and other home and body products. 

As an earth lover I am also making it a point to be as least wasteful as I can and have my products be as Eco-friendly as possible. Always learning and improving for the sake of our planet. 


Hello. First and foremost I'd like to welcome you to my page and thank you for taking the time to get to know me. My name is Celina Leon and I am the proud owner of LionHeart Handcrafted. As stated above, what started as a hobby has become so much more to me any my little family. I used to work a regular 8-5 office job. When I got home I'd be exhausted and felt like I had no time to do anything during the week, and on weekends I was trying to catch up on everything I couldn't get done during the week. Due to COVID and the loss of steady childcare, I quit my office job in January of 2021 to become an independent contractor working from home so I could be here for my son. Aside from my full-time independent contractor job, I am also a notary public/loan signing agent. On top of those, I am a small business owner. My hands are full but I also have the ability to have a flexible schedule and prioritize my son which is the most important thing to me. My goal is to grow and expand LionHeart Handcrafted and make it my full time (and only) job one day. I plan to expand our products and start offering more self care items such as bath soaks, body oils, bath bombs, and more! My son, who is currently 6, constantly tells me how proud he is of me and my business and loves to tell people his mommy makes candles. This makes everything I'm doing worth it. With all this being said, I want you to always remember; when you support a small business, you're directly supporting someones dream and possibly their family too. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting my dream!


FUN FACT: I came up with the name LionHeart Handcrafted because I wanted something that would represent my little family. Lion = last name (Leon). Heart = the love I have for not just my little family but for what I do. Handcrafted = everything is done by hand, made with love, intention, and much attention to detail. I also made my logo. If you look closely, you’ll see its not only a lions paw, but the palm of it is actually a sideways heart.

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